These are all clip based or graphics based trails where I get to write the scripts, direct the voice over artists, choose the music and carry out all the editing.

An interesting Christmas challenge was how to promote the computer animated TV film based on the book Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl in only 20 seconds and feature all the story lines.
Jonathan Kydd voiced with his usual one take genius.

Here’s a trail for the BBC Four series on Architecture. Lovely piece of music courtesy of Dan Browne at West One to give it that James Bond feel.

This trail was written, directed and partially filmed by me with all After Effects work carried out by the brilliant John O’Hagan in Red Bee Media’s graphics department. It was for the launch of the Asia Business page on the bbc.com website.

This one for the Red Bull X-Fighters on Dave lets the bikes do the talking.

One of my favourite trails is this one for Antz where the brief was to subvert the original genre. Inspired by the trail for The Shining that made that film look like a coming of age redemption story, I turned this kids movie into a 50’s sci-fi creepy monster fest.

Another favourite is this trail for Birding with Bill Oddie. One of the first trails I ever made. A lucky mix of his bird impressions with a track from the Betty Blue soundtrack.

Around the same time I made the Bill Oddie trail I made this one for a film that really does deserve repeat viewings, David Fincher’s Fight Club.

In 2009 the Storyville series returned to BBC World. I took a leaf out of the BBC Two campaign and put together lines of dialogue that sort of made sense.

The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference of December 2009 was a difficult event to promote as nobody gave it any chance of succeeding, hence these two trails that highlighted the dangers of hot air and wind power alone.

From 2005 comes this trail for Horizon: Boxing Day Tsunami. A sensitive script that sticks to the facts and lets the pictures tell the story.

Lyse Doucet is one of the finest journalists I have ever worked with so it was a great privilege to make this trail high lighting her award-winning work.

From BBC Two comes this light hearted trail for the Art School series, where various celebrities got to flex their creative muscles. Claudia Winkelman does a lovely voice over.

Cooking in the Danger Zone with Stefan Gates was an easy series to promote, Stefan kindly let me film him top and tailing the trail.

My trail for the UKTV History series Battleplan.

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