Music Promos

“Three girls who sing, hum and play stringed instruments,” Nova’s Basement are an all-girl acoustic trio featuring guitar, violin, cello and sweet ‘n sour three part harmonies.

Influenced by singer-songwriters such as Bat For Lashes and Laura Marling, They write songs that combine emotive lyrics, 3-part-harmonies and string arrangements that hark back to their classical roots.

Although originally all hailing from Australia, the band formed in London during the summer of 2005. After running through a string of random band names, the girls finally settled on ‘Nova’s Basement’ – a little nod to their favourite rehearsal room in Kings Cross, London.

This is a promo I made for their song “White Out” cut together from a rehearsal in the East End and a performance at The Notting Hill Arts Club.

A test film made with friends in Michigan. Music c/o Grimes is her track Artangel

I would like to make more music promos so if you have a song you’d like to see visualised, get in touch,

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