This is the page devoted to my editing and writing skills. All of these trails use previously shot footage from an already existing program or news item. I write a script and direct a voice over artist to make the program look engaging enough for the viewer to watch the show at the appointed time.

Lyse Doucet: My Breaking News Moment, a heartbreaking story about the siege of Yarmouk. Text animated by Dave Farquason of Red Bee Media Design and winner of the 2014 Promax Gold for best News and Current Affairs promo.

Just before the London Olympics of 2012 I got to make a trail for Faster, Higher, Stronger.


Here’s a trail for the series Indian Ocean hosted by Simon Reeve on BBC World News.

A reminder of just how many historic events took place in 2011, month by month, made for BBC News.

A trail for Mishal Husain’s Impact programme  on BBC World News

Sometimes it’s easier to let the stars do the talking or screaming as with this trail promoting the Easter line up of movies on UKTV Gold…

Finally a trail for the sporting events that were about to be covered by BBC Sport in 2008.

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