Latest Work

Some of my recent work.

The incredibly talented dancer and artist Paola Mateeva got in touch via the Dots website and asked me to film her at a beautiful location inside Holland Park. The track is Daughter of the Sun by vbnd, Katie Tupper and Justice Der.

Silent Witness 25th Anniversary Series trail for BBC One

Shetland Series launch trail for BBC One.

Teamed up with BBC Creative colleague Lisa Wilkinson to conceive and pitch a broken screen look for the BBC One show The Capture. Lisa came up with the perfect music choice to go with the fractured look.

I was recently lucky enough to be asked to write and direct a BBC News promo for a new show called Afternoon Live featuring news reading legend Simon McCoy, Louise Lear, Rachel Horne and Hugh Woozencroft.  All of the steadicam shots were done on a Sony Alpha A7Sii with a Cam TV gimbal. All the locked off shots were on a Canon C300. It was great working with Simon and his team and we managed to get everything we needed in just under four hours of filming and running around.

Fast turnaround shoot for a BBC Arts series called The Art of Directing. The production team were about to shoot Cush Jumbo (The Good Wife and now The Good Fight) doing the links for the first two episodes. I had three days to put a script together, get it through marketing and editorial and make sure the concept could be captured in 30 minutes of filming. We shot in the almost Dickensian Sands Films Studios in Rotherhithe. It’s a miniature musical hall venue with very nineteenth century fixtures and fittings.

The look is down to the D.o.P/camera operator Justin Evans. Smoke machine, key light and a Sony PMW F5 on a Libec Jib Arm. He did an amazing job as did Paul Callaghan in the BBC Creative/Ericsson edit suite.

A short animation film made for TV Licensing. All animation was carried out by Janina Petrylaite from BBC Creative’s Design team.

Fast turnaround trail for BBC News. Briefed on Thursday, scripted on Friday, shot on Saturday and edited and delivered to playout by Tuesday. Starring Anne-Marie Tasker and Kofi Smiles from BBC Look North. Producer Jane Birch. Editor Thomas Walker from Prime Focus.

This trail for Celebrity Masterchef bears testament to the online pulling power of YouTube vlogger Marcus Butler. Thanks to his involvement the trial had over 43k views in 5 days (15k views on the official MasterChef Facebook trail, 5k views on BBC One Facebook, 23k views on BBC YouTube)

One of those trails where the research for the edit makes you take a hard look at your current lifestyle;

Lovely read from Andrew Scarborough for the BBC’s Invictus Games trail.

And here’s the Invictus Documentary trail hosted by Nick Knowles;

Secret Britain gets the Catfish and the Bottlemen treatment;

The BBC World News’ The Travel Show producer Mike London asked me to cut some footage together of presenter Ade Adepitan. Luckily I had to get Ade in to do the jetski “Woo!” again in the edit suite as we didn’t have it clean, which made a really wonderful project something very special.

A generic trail for the 2015 UK Election coverage on BBC World News. More Ninja 2 and Panasonic AF101 footage from Downing Street and outside the Houses of Parliament. We were very lucky with the weather just had no idea what the outcome would eventually lead to.

The Rosetta Mission trail extolling the virtues of BBC World News’ extensive depth of coverage. Got to work with the European Space Agency on this one and the perfectly poised David Shukman.

One for the recently launched Business Live which goes out currently on BBC World News and then on the BBC News Channel. Ben and Sally are a sunny side up couple with a great sense of humour. All of the B-Roll was shot on a Panasonic AF-101 with a Ninja 2 at Avid DnX 220.

BBC World News joins forces with Mercedes and UBS to go behind the scenes as they prepare for the 2015 Formula 1 season. Security was tight so I had to direct this with script notes and let Whisper Films do all the hard work. They did a great job and made sure David Coulthard was well looked after.

A BBC Two trail for three new films from Louis Theroux set in LA. Music courtesy of Cypress Hill.

Here’s a lovely bit of chemistry between Matt Smith and Dr Brian Cox. The trick here was getting the lecture that hadn’t happened yet to appear in the screen that Brian is looking at and somehow get the whole thing to make sense using only clips from the show. The in monitor effect was achieved thanks to a lovely bit of online editing from the legendary Collo Caulton at Prime Focus.

Mozart’s Confutatis Maledictis from his Requiem lends itself perfectly to this tale of confusion and murder from the pen of Charles Dickens.

Finally another one for BBC World News.

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